Make it safe

How do you handle yourself when you feel angry, scared or hurt? Are you able to be honest about your feeling? And how do you react when you are angry, scared or hurt?

The way you handle yourself when you are under pressure might determine whether you will reach your dreams or not. It might have taken you many years to build an empire, career or business, but you might just destroy it with your own words in one day. How you handle yourself under extreme pressure is very critical in determining your future and the future of your relationship. If you consider relationships as important, then you need to examine yourself and look at your reaction when you are under pressure or stress.

It does not help to make an excuse that you were angry after you have cause lot of damages. Lot of people are in prisons for the things they did when they were under certain pressures. You don’t have to behave like them, you are much smarter than that. Learn to look at the way you respond to people when you are under pressure, and change. The common response of people when they are under pressure are silence or violence. Silence includes things like sarcasm, sugar-coating, avoiding, and withdrawal. While violence include things like controlling, labelling, attacking, and most often reminding people of your position.

If you manipulate people and try to force them to do what you want them to do, you will lose them in the long run. You need to be honest with yourself and look at your responses when you are angry, scared or hurt. What do you expect people to feel after you have spoken your heart or you have just reacted the way you did? Your goal should be to allow people to speak their mind without being scared of how you are going to react. You don’t have to remind people that you are the owner of the company or you are the boss, or you are the one who help them to get where they are, or you have a record of great success, or you are the one who always do a lot of work. Your work and reputation speak of itself and is well known. Make the environment safe for people to engage with you even when you are under pressure or stressed. This will help you build what you wanted to build and avoid unnecessary destruction.

I am reminded of a verse in
Pro 14:1 which says “A wise woman builds her house, but the foolish plucks it down with her hands.”

Make it safe. From Simtandile Dlepuma. Stay blessed.

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