Be prepared to pay the price

After Abraham’s wife died at age 127, he was given a piece of land as a property to bury his wife. The property was offered to him for free, because the people of the land respected Abraham as a prince of God. Although Abraham was in pain for the loss of his wife, yet he still refuse to accept the property without paying for it, he insisted that a price should be given so that he could pay to own the property.

Out of single incident of the death of his wife, Abraham decided to buy a property to be used as a burial site. He had a futuristic thinking and planning in mind. He refuse to get the land for free, as you might easily lose what you receive for free. You need to be prepared to pay the cost for the legacy you are building. Life is not meant to be easy and free, but it is made up of battles after battles. Strive to fight and win each battle as you navigate through life’s storms. Don’t settle for things that come easy, cheap or free, but be prepared to pay the price. Your pain is not the good reasons for you to settle for free, cheap stuff. Be proud of yourself and of God who called you and pay whatever it cost to achieve your dreams. Be prepared to pay the price.

Gen 23:13-15 Says “He spoke to Ephron so that the people of that region could hear him. He said, “If you would only listen to me. I will pay you the price of the field. Take it from me so that I can bury my wife there.” (14) Ephron answered Abraham, (15) “Sir, listen to me. The land is worth ten pounds of silver. What is that between us? Bury your wife!””

Be prepared to pay the price. From Simtandile Dlepuma. Stay blessed.

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