Be intentional in your action

The principle of cause and effect applies to many things in life. This simply means, whatever you do will have some outcomes. For example if your soil produces poor crops, check the health of the soil. You might have to work your soil in order to change the future production.

You need to have continuous evaluation the impact of your action and relationships. Sometimes your actions are the cause for you not to get what you are looking for. Continuously evaluate your action, your relationship, people’s perception about you. In whatever you get your response should be such that you act in a manner that will improve and make things better. You don’t have to be on denial or blame the devil for every misfortune. Most happenings in our lives are as a result of your actions or relationships. Be intentional in your action and improve your relationship with people.

Ecc 11:3  If the clouds are full of rain, they empty themselves on the earth, and if a tree falls to the south or to the north, in the place where the tree falls, there it will lie.

Stay Blessed and Safe. From Simtandile Dlepuma

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