Invest and improve on your abilities

Invest and improve on your abilities

What are your abilities and talents?

Jesus tells a parable of a man who had three servants. When he was taking a long journey, he entrusted his money to his servants, each was given money according to his abilities. At the end of his journey, the man settled the accounts with his servants. By this time two servants had invested the money and got profit from it which lead to the money being doubled. The other servant did not invest the money and instead returns it as it was given. Those who invested the money and made profit were rewarded, but the one who only returned what was given was punished.

All of us have some abilities and talents. Even in businesses and in offices people who do more work and produce fruitful results out of what is entrusted to them are likely to be given more task, but those who always make excuses, are likely to have more work taken away from them. For you to grow, you have to invest and improve what is given to you and you will be trusted with more. Invest and improve on your abilities then you will be rewarded.

The bible in

Mat 25:29   says “To all who have, more will be given, and they will have more than enough. But everything will be taken away from those who don’t have much.” Invest and improve on your abilities. From Simtandile Dlepuma. Stay blessed

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