Know what you have

What do you have?

Stephen Moore write stories of entrepreneurs who started their business out of misfortune and bad luck. Graduation, degrees and diplomas are no longer a guarantee for a job. Some of these graduates got into entrepreneurship when they realized that their effort of getting job had been unsuccessful. They decided to use what they already have to start a new venture.

Perhaps this is the time to relook and review what you have. The story of a poor widow, who was left with debt by her husband dying is an interesting one. In particular how God used the prophet to solve the problem. The widow was given a task of collecting a lot of big empty containers in order to pour the little oil on them. All the containers she managed to collect got full with the oil from little jar, she then sold the oil from these containers in order to get money and pay her debtors. Solution to her problem was provided starting from what she already had. Perhaps solution to your own problems will come from what you already have.

2Ki 4:2  “Maybe there’s something I can do to help,” Elisha said. “What do you have in your house?” “Sir, I have nothing but a small bottle of olive oil.” Know what you have.  From Simtandile Dlepuma, stay blessed

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