Lead with wisdom

What do people in your community know about you?
What a person thinks and does is influenced by what he knows, and by his worldview. While some people can have great knowledge when it comes to natural things, others can be specialist of morality, divinity or even specialist on spiritual matters. Some of the knowledge can be acquired from studying, or from shared experience or come as a divine gift. Solomon was full of wisdom such that he could speak of anything.
People around you need your wisdom, they need some advices and guidance. Your academic knowledge may not be enough to deal with all the day to day community challenges. You need divine wisdom from God that should help you to deal with all issues of life and help the people around you. Your gift should enable you to tackle issues beyond spiritual matters. 
The bible in1Ki 4:29-30  Says “And God gave Solomon wisdom and understanding beyond measure, and breadth of mind like the sand on the seashore,  (30)  so that Solomon’s wisdom surpassed the wisdom of all the people of the east and all the wisdom of Egypt.”
Wisdom is accessible from God. Lead with wisdom. From Simtandile Dlepuma. Stay blessed.

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