Build great companions

How do you handle those who oppose your views?

A story is told of a young man in the classroom who was arguing with his teacher. The teacher got angry and told the young man to sit down otherwise he was going to beat him. The young man did sit down, however he was heard mumbling and saying, “In my heart I am still standing”. The teacher exercised his power to make the boy to sit down, but did not win the respect of the boy. While the scenario might yield expected results in the school and other command environment, it does not work well in the work environment, business, and family settings. You need different approach when dealing with people you love. You need to use techniques which will help you to win both a person’s heart and his loyalty. Some people will leave you and your organisation quietly when you don’t respect their views and opinions.

Having people to do what you told them to do just because you said it as a leader cannot help you in building great organisation or great family. You need to build greatness with the people around you such that they should be able to disagree with you without the fear of being victimised. As a leader you need to create an environment that allows free flow of information. If only one or few people talks all the time or only one person’s ideas are considered well all the time, you are limiting the chances of your family or institutions growth into greatness. If you are the only person who is always right all the time, you are limiting chances of growing up as an organisation or institution. You need to build greatness with your words by handling opposing views with care. The always Mr or Mrs right are not great in leading great followers, but are great in running a race alone. Use your words to build great companions for the long journey ahead.

Amo 3:3 Says “Do two walk together, unless they have agreed to meet?”

Build great companions. From Simtandile Dlepuma. Stay blessed.

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