Joh 2:7  Jesus said to the servants, “Fill these jars with water.” They filled them to the brim, 
Joh 2:8  and then he told them, “Now draw some water out and take it to the man in charge of the feast.” They took him the water, 
Joh 2:9  which now had turned into wine…
Joh 2:11  Jesus performed this first miracle in Cana in Galilee; there he revealed his glory, and his disciples believed in him.
The first plague of Moses was to convert water into blood – resulting in death and sadness.
The first miracle of Jesus was to convert water into wine – resulting in life, joy, and celebration.
The last plague of Moses was the death of the firstborn males.
The last miracle of Jesus, in John’s gospel, was the resurrection of Lazarus from death.
The ministry of Moses brings death; but the ministry of Jesus Christ brings life, grace, and joy in the Holy Spirit.
The miracle of conversion is the first and the greatest of all miracles. Jesus Christ has come to convert sinners into saints. Unless one is born again, she or he cannot see the kingdom of God. Jesus has not come to call the righteous, but sinners (Mat. 9:13). I pray that all sinners will come back to Jesus Christ.
Maybe you have run out of wine and things are falling apart in your life. Maybe you lost a family member. Maybe you lost your job and your situation is hopeless. Jesus Christ can convert your situation. He can convert your test into a testimony. He can convert your tribulation into a triumph. I pray that God will comfort you and give you double for your trouble.
THE MIRACLE OF CONVERSION. From Paulos Moloi. Stay blessed.
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