Effective Communication

Peace be with you

Mark 12:31 … ‘Love your neighbor as yourself…this is the second greatest commandment. It is good to know that we do this commandment, and we also encourage others by preaching in the churches and at our homes and anywhere to do it. But when you analyze day to day living you will notice that there are areas where you struggle to fulfill this commandment. Working in the field where I am informs that the biggest culprit of failure to love the way we should is lack of communication.

In any relationships there are challenges, be it at home, in the workplace or anywhere. This is the test of your love towards your neighbor. It is very important to find a matured way to manage the situation. When a person has done something to you that you do not like do you retaliate? (this is not love) this will result to you degrade. If you decide to isolate yourself (this is not love) you will be very frustrated. If you dominate the conversation or any action you are intimidating the other person (this is not love) and the problem remains.

However working jointly with the other person to identify the problem and a solution will give positive results. How you manage this will determine whether you maintain peace within you or not. Effective communication is very important in the restoration of broken relationship.

Mark 12:31 The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.”

May God bless you as you closely observe your communication with people you love.

Nontobeko Machi

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