The Peace of God be with you all people of God in the name of Jesus Christ.
 Disclaimer: I am not a Marriage Counselor, but the subject of marriage and family is an area of our interest. I am stating this because I am fully aware that topics on marriage / family have a potential of raising seroius questions . 
 However, I believe that the originator and founder of this platform  – Pastor S Dlepuma and his pannel are capable of responding to questions that might emanate from this week’s inspirational talk . 
Today’s Inspiration: 
Arguably, a solid family structure is born out of God’s institution called Marriage. This means marriage was instituted or originated by God from the beginning – God’s idea (Genesis 2:18). Marriage is a UNION designed by God – ONE FLESH or ONENESS (Genesis 2:24). And to strengthen the idea of oneness in Marriage, Jesus Christ responds to the Pharisees as they tried to trap Him with a question of divorce ” What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate .” – Mark 10:9. 
It is therefore important to note that all people who are joined in marriage, whether they believe in God or not, they are in God’s institution. In other words, marriage cannot be separated from God, the one who originated it.  
The Scripture is very clear, no one and no situation has authority to separate what God has joined together. Please note: even you, as a couple, who have been joined together in marriage, have no power or authority to separate this God’s UNION, but your responsibility is to work your marriage and allow God to guide you on your marital affairs. 
I strongly believe that in marriage there is no one size fits all solution. This is because marriage is as unique as individuals who enter into a Marriage UNION. 
All people who are in a marriage relationship should focus on God’s bigger picture and the ultimate goal or purpose about marriage – ONENESS. Yes, like any other life journeys, marriage has its own humps and potholes (challenges). However, focusing on God’s bigger picture and understanding the ultimate goal about your marriage will help you as a married couple deal with and/or navigate marriage humps and potholes with a proactive approach and positive mind. Then the ” Till death do us part ” vow shall become the truth.
Let us stay UNITED in our marriages just like Christ (Groom) is united with the Church (Bride) – Ephessians 5:31-32 ” As the Scriptures say,  a man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and the two are united into one. This is a great mystery, but it is an illustration of the way Christ and the church are one .” And last but not least, focus on God’s bigger picture and the ultimate goal for your Marriage UNION. 
MARRIAGE UNION. From Sipho Jeke. God’s blessings to you all. 

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