We need a clean heart in life

Psalm 51 v 10 “Create a pure heart in me, O God, and put a new and loyal spirit in me” (GNT).
Greeting in the wonderful name of our Lord saviour Jesus Christ.
Heart is the engine of the body, because it pump the blood that will flow throughout the whole body. And we know blood actually represent the life, in other way Heart bring life. So imagine if the heart is full of dirty heavy things, then it won’t be able to produce what it supposed to produce at its best. In our Christian journey we need to pray this prayer David prayed, Lord create a pure heart in me.

The heart free of hatred, jealousy, gossip, lies, cheating, forgiveness, and any sort kind of even is not needed is not healthy for our lives, it produce only poisoners staff. Heart is one of the sensitive organ and crucial in human s life. Then help yourself to take care of it, by not participating in adding heavy staff in it, for you will struggle to enjoy life.

Matthew 5v8 “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God”(NIV)

Today choose to be blessed, by letting go of that grudges, hatred, un-forgiveness, anger, that old life before you accept Christ or this life of heaviness you live now and etc. Jesus is the only Man who knows and understand our hearts. Just take it to his operation room so he can do the spring cleaning, allow him to operate it, even those that are from generational blood line will be taken away in his surgery.

Today choose to be blessed by allowing God to create a pure heart in you, so you can HEAR and SEE God
Mercy on you.
Linkie Matara.

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