Feed your heart than your appearance

1 Samuel 16v7 “But the LORD said to Samuel, Do not look at his appearance or at the height of his stature, because I have rejected him; for God sees not as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart” (ESV)

Greetings in the Wonderful name of our Lord saviour Jesus Christ.

We living in the world where it is easy to lose it because we running after the approval of a Man, we looking to impress Man than God. We write status our excitement is more on the number of the people who will approve what I have written than what God is saying on what I have written.
Our focus has shifted more on the outside world than the inner one which is our heart .Proverbs 21v2 “Every man’s way is right in his own eyes, But the LORD weighs the hearts” (ESV). Feed your heart because that’s:

• what’s draw God s attention
• the place he searches
• the qualification to be chosen by God

Psalm 44v21 “Would not God find this out? For He knows the secrets of the heart” ( NASB)
When the heart is fed well it performs well also, it is rare for the person with the good heart to suffer with no help. Feed your heart so it can produce good seeds that in times of lack you will have plenty, in times where you are despised, you will be recognized and appointed like David.

Choose today to have a good heart than having good appearance with evil heart. If your heart is crippled and can’t pump anymore then it is the end of the body also, but if the heart is functioning well and the body is crippled, then life is still there.
In short I’m saying never ignore to clothe your heart, with God himself and his word. Feed your heart and feed it well.
Mercy on you.
Linkie Matara.

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