Blessed are those who mourn

Sin has a tendency of giving temporal pleasure to those who commit it. People who steal, cheat, commit murder, etc. are not forced to commit those sins but enjoy what they do. The consequences of their action may bring tears to themselves and their loved ones immediately or later, but at the time of committing they enjoy what they do.

It is common to have people whose happiness comes from doing things that are hurtful to others.

The people who mourn are the people who consider the pains of others as well as their pain as unwanted. The principle is that you should not be happy with your winning if it is causing pains, tears, or hurt to others. Instead, you should cry with those who cry and grieve with those who grieve. If you are happy with your success in oppressing others, God might be on the side of those you are oppressing.

You cannot fight against God and win. Your happiness should never come from the success of oppressing others, but you need to mourn with those who mourn. In this way, the Lord will comfort you together with them.

You need to side and align yourselves with those who are at a disadvantage so that you can be lifted up with them. Don’t cause pain to others and still hope to have God’s favor, because God is on the side of those who mourn.

The bible in Mat 5:4 ESV says “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.”

Blessed are those who mourn.

From Simtandile Dlepuma.

Stay blessed.

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