Be merciful

Let me start this discussion by asking two questions.

What is mercy? What do you do to weaker people who continuously do wrong to you even after you have told them several times what you don’t like? The obvious answer to the second question is to punish and be harsh to them so that they may stop doing what is wrong.

I like to refer to mercy as the kindness or forgiveness you give to people who have wronged you when you have the ability to be harsh or punish them. It is easy and normal to be harsh and punish people when people have more power than them, but when they are stronger than you such power is limited. Mercy, therefore, applies to the kindness, and forgiveness you offer to those who are weaker than you when you have the ability to be harsh and punish them. When you are harsh and punish people, you push them away from you, but when you are kind and forgiving to people you attract them to yourself. Mercy is more powerful in changing people’s behavior as they experience love and kindness they don’t deserve. You can change people’s lives by giving them love and kindness even when they do not deserve it. You don’t have to feel good in order to offer kindness, even when you are still in pain, you can be merciful to people. 

In as much as you are not perfect and do wrong to people, you need mercy. You should offer mercy to others. Be merciful to others and you shall obtain mercy. Be kind, offer love and forgiveness to those who do not deserve it. You don’t always have to get what you deserve. Turn your blind eye, and forgive those who have wronged you.

Make your mind change people’s lives through mercy.

Be merciful.

Stay blessed.

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